HHH Registration Lottery
HHH Registration Lottery

Growing in popularity each year, the Horribly Hilly Hundreds has moved to an annual lottery system of registration to accommodate the swelling number of interested riders…

2019 Registration Lottery

The 2019 registration lottery is currently OPEN. The lottery will close on February 17 at 11:59 pm CT.


Lottery winners will be drawn and notified on February 18 at approximately 12:00 pm (noon) CT.


  1. Enter yourself
  2. Enter yourself plus any number of friends or family members. If your multi-person entry is chosen in the lottery drawing, ALL of you are registered for the ride and charged. Only ONE of you should submit the multi-person entry.**

** IMPORTANT: If different members of your group submit multi-person entries into the lottery to increase your group’s chances, entering each other, and MORE THAN ONE of your entries is chosen in the drawing, then you will ALL be charged for ALL entries chosen and there will be NO REFUND for the duplicate winning entries. Please be aware of this risk. To reiterate, only ONE member of your group should submit the multi-person entry.

To enter the lottery, you will fill in all of your registration information (plus registration information for everyone else in your group if you are submitting a multi-person entry), including credit card information. Only one credit card is used per lottery entry (whether it’s a single-person or multi-person entry).

Entering the lottery does NOT mean you or your group are registered for the ride! A $0 credit card authorization charge will be performed to validate the card and the system will securely save the card information. The rider(s) will not be charged for registration unless selected in the lottery drawing. Before the lottery drawing, all entries will be shown as a “pending lottery selection” registrations.

The lottery drawing will be completed by noon (12 pm) CT on Monday, February 18. Riders who are selected will automatically be charged and entered into the event. If you entered the lottery with friends or family members, ALL of you will be registered for the ride and charged on the credit card provided. If selected, you will receive a confirmation email at approximately noon (12 pm) CT on Monday, February 18.

Declined Credit Cards: If a credit card is declined when the charge is attempted for a lottery winner, an email will be sent with a link to fill in new credit card information.



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